projects for flood victims' rehabilitation campaign

Ration Packages For 1 Lakh Families 

Cooked Food For 1 Million People

50,000 Temporary Residences           

Medical Assistance For 500,000 People 

Construction And Repair Of 500 Mosques

Construction And Repair Of 1,000 Houses

Construction And Repair Of 100 Schools

Textbooks For 25,000 Affected Children

Toys For 20,000 Children 

Fodder And Vaccination For 10,000 Animals

Seeds And Fertilizers For 40,000 Kanals Of Land

Drainage From 1 Lakh Kanals Of Land

Crockeries For 10,000 Families

Clothing For 150,000 People 

50,000 Diapers And Sanitary Pads

1,500 Patients Will Receive Daily Medical Care From Mobile Clinics

1,000 Water Filter Plants

2 Mobile Maternity Home With Operation Facility

Quarterly Salary For 1,000 Imam Masjid And Madrasas

Construction And Repair Of 150 Madrasas

Distribution of cooked food to 500,000 families;

Distribution of different Food Packages in 150,000 families;

Distribution of Mosquito Nets to 20,500 families;

Accommodation for 7,000 families through tents;

Established 2,300 Temporary Shelters for emergency rescue;

Provision of food to 95,000 families through 125,000 Dry Rations;

Medical and Health Care facilities provided for 400,000 people;

Distribution of 56,500 Water Bottles;

Distribution of Juices and biscuits among more than 30,000 children;

Cash support Rs: 125,000,000;

Dresses Distributed: 70,000 Suits;

More than 9,500 Shoes Distribution;

Distribution of more than 10,000 winter blankets;

Crockery Distributed: 6,000 Set;

Diapers and Sanitary Pads Distributed for 10,500 women and children;

Evacuation of flood water in more than 10,000 Acres;

Construction of Houses for 125 families;

Fixing of houses for more than 500 Families;

Construction of 18 Masajid;

Fixing of 53 Masajid;

Total Financial Worth of Relief Activities: 

Rs: 2,355,460,500