Emergency Assistance Division  :

Providing emergency assistance in natural disasters occurring in any region across the country

Emergency assistance provided to 

5 million 52 thousand people 

affected by floods, rains and earthquakes.

 The cost of a slum house is Rs 350,000

A Brick House costs Rs 1000000 

A bamboo hut with mud walls cost Rs 100000

One-room fabricated house costs Rs 900000

 Two-room fabricated house costs Rs 1100000

A unit of mobile clinic containing container structure, tools, equipment and medicines cost Rs 5000000

A month's salary and ration package for an imam mosque or mudarris Rs 30,000 

A kit containing primary education requirements for 

a child costs Rs 7,000

Daily needs Crockeries for a family Rs 5,000  

A safe cylinder and stove for a family cost Rs 14,500

solar system for tent mosque and tent school Rs 250,000 

Motor Engine for Boat Rs 12-15 lakh

Cost of 5 kW generator Rs 250,000 to  Rs 3 lakh


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